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Want to make your own Pantograph for copying, tracing, enlarging, reducing? Do you paint rocks, and need a way to transfer images to your rocks? These plans are easy to follow, and the materials are very easy to get, so why not make your own wooden pantograph? Plan comes with full details, including pictures and instructions to make your very own solidly built pantograph.

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Computer Geek Pendant

Pendant is made from a piece of circuit board which is framed by hammered copper, and then put on a faux-leather chain. It is immersed in a thick acrylic coating for protection.

Copper-Brass Earrings

Less than 15mm tall, these Copper/Brass earrings are very dainty!

Steampunk Penny Pendant

I’ve classified this Canadian Penny Pendant as a piece of “Steampunk” jewelry. The penny is dome shaped, wrapped with copper and silver soldered in place. I then applied a patina to give it it’s rich, antique look.

Steampunk …. “Various modern utilitarian objects that have been modified by enthusiasts into a pseudo-Victorian mechanical style …. examples include computer keyboards …