This is an adaption of a traditional bread used in the Middle East and Turkey as part of Ramadan festivities. I have omitted putting seeds on this bread, although “real” Ramadan bread uses nigella and sesame seeds.  I have also swapped in the Whole Wheat flour vs all-white.
** There are many recipes for Ramadan bread out there, but this is a simple version to make, without a lot of ingredients, or a lot of time.

You’ll Only Need:
• 3 tsp quick rise yeast
• Warm tap water
• 1 C White flour
• 3 C Whole wheat flour
• 1 tsp salt

1.) Mix these ingredients in a large bowl:
     – Yeast
     – 1 Cup warm water
     – 1 C White flour
2.) Cover and sit for 20 minutes.
3.) After sitting for the 20 minutes, add 1 C warm tap water
     and mix well.
     – Add whole wheat flour
     – Add 1 tsp salt
     – Mix well
4.) Cover and sit for 20 minutes again.
5.) Take dough out and work it on floured tabletop until well mixed. Divide it in two. (You can also just make one large loaf, as I’ve done with the loaf above).
6.) Shape the dough into a “log” shape. 
7.) Put dough onto a non-greased baking paper on a cookie sheet. ** You can also bake the dough in two greased loaf pans.
8.) Cover and let sit for 20 minutes.
9.) Brush with a mixture of milk and egg, or just use milk.
10.) Bake in hot 450F oven for 15 minutes until golden brown.
11.) Remove from oven, take away the baking sheet and paper, or take them out of the loaf pans.

12.) Put them back into the oven right-side-up for 3 minutes to brown up the bottoms of the loaf.
13.) Remove from oven, cool and enjoy!