Prep Time: 10 Mins. | Cooling/Hardening: 2 to 8 hours


  • 1 and 1/3 Bar of Bakers Chocolate (150g) , Unsweetened.
  • 3 Tbspns 10% Cream
  • 1/4 cup Xyla sweetener. (it is the consistency of real sugar and measures the same)
  • 2** Tbspns Splenda sweetener (from Superstore … measures the same as real sugar). It is a bit sweeter than the Xyla.
    ** You can check as you are making it for sweetness. Add more Splenda if needed.
    ** You can also just try 6 Tbspns SPLENDA as the sweetner, and NO XYLA. This will reduce the calories, too!


  1. Cut up chocolate into smaller pieces – 1/4″ or smaller.
  2. Mix Xyla and cream together in a glass microwaveable bowl. Microwave Xyla and cream for a minute.
  3. Add chocolate chunks to the bowl of hot cream and Xyla. Mix with spatula. If need be, reheat to melt chocolate.
  4. Add the 2 Tbspns Splenda sweetener.
  5. Reheat again for 30 secs. You may need to add a bit of cream, as the mixture will be like a dough. If so, add a tsp, (you don’t want it liquidy, though), and then reheat for 30 more seconds. Stir it up well. No problem to reheat again if you need to.
  6. Add the mixture to a tray made from parchment paper, or buttered mould if you have one. Put in fridge. After about 20 minutes, make cut lines in the chocolate with the back of a knife. Put back in fridge.
  7. Leave in the fridge for a couple of hours, then put on counter to harden and form further. Wait 8 hours, or until no wetness, and then package it.

Nutritional Values (per 1/2” x 3/4” Piece):
Calories 42; Carbs 3g; Fat 3.7gr; Cholesterol .7mg; Sodium 2.3mg;

Daily Values:
Magnesium 5.5%; Calcium 1%; Iron 7%; Potassium 1.6%

Extra Info: Baking bars are bars of chocolate that have little or no added sugar. (Bakers). Unsweetened bars give you more control over the sweetness in the finished item. Baking bars are basically pure chocolate made of pure chocolate liquor that is formed into a bar. Milk chocolate must have at least 12 percent milk to be called milk chocolate. The amount of sugar in milk chocolate varies depending on the intended use.