I have some Cinnamon gel caps I bought at Walmart.  They are what’s called Cassia Cinnamon, and not the more expensive Ceylon Cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon (  See on Amazon.ca here ) is the one you really want, as it doesn’t have tons of coumarin in it that affects your liver.

The Walmart capsules are in “0′ size, soft gel caps, made by Nature’s Bounty (naturesbounty.ca) Not a hard shell, so very easy to swallow! They actually do seem to bring down blood sugar levels!

However, if you are the inventive type, and want the better-for-you Ceylon cinnamon, you can order empty gel Caps at Amazon.ca, and fill with your own stuff, such as the Ceylon Cinnamon above, or other stuff you really don’t want to eat with a spoon! See my other post about Gel caps here.