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Celtic Gold Pendant, gold coloured Copper, nickel free.

Hammered Copper Looped Earrings.

Cooper Hoop Earrings.


Woven Tri-Colour earrings, (Gold, Silver, and Coffee). About 3cm ( 1 1/4″ for us oldsters!) Made of copper, and nickel-free.

2020 Celebration Pendant, 6cm (2 1/2″)


A Computer Geek Pendant

Three Heart Pendant, made from Copper.

This is a 1972 Penny Pendant that celebrates the year that my wife and I were married!

Golden Swirl Earrings. Made of gold colored copper. Nickel free Ear wire. E003.

Steampunk Pendant, made from a 2001 Canadian Copper Penny.

Well, shopping is done for another Christmas ….. unless you are into after-Christmas sales …. if you are, this one’s for you!

Brass/Copper Celtic Style Earrings Small, E002

Ring is woven using a silver and a gold wire, with a darker woven wire on the base part of the ring.

Square Weave earrings, gold colored copper, dainty!

Four Leaf Clover – Penny Pendant.

Copper Ring, pure. SKU005. A very simple, but elegant design!

Christmas Tree Earrings, Copper material, Silver colour. No nickel. The stars are Hematite rock, which give different hues of colour, depending on the light that hits them.

Celtic Cross Earrings, Copper material, silver colour, and nickel-free. Pretty small and dainty!

Penny Pendant on Chocolate Brown Cord. Made with flattened Canadian penny. The numbers were pressed using copper wire handshaped letters, which can only be used once, as they are sacrificed in the process. Comments?

Handcrafted Copper Ring

Small Pendant, Green Beachglass, Silver Wrapped (it looks like copper, but that’s just the lighting!)

Brown Beach Glass, copper wrapped. I love it’s translucency!

Green beach glass from Port Elgin, styled into the letter “A” for Alex! (Needs a copper chain to match, though)

Shungite Pendant, Copper wrapped. Silver Chain.

Another Shungite Pendant (my Fav!) with Lake Onega Info.

Wire Wrapped Guitar, Silver Chain.

A pendant for that Coffee lover!

Calcite Pendant, 24inch, with wire charm.

Copper Pendant with Handmade Copper Chain

Fiddlehead Wire-Art (New Brunswick’s Unofficial Flower!)

Copper Lightbulb Earrings and Pendant. The copper penny was flattened, then the bulb wired in copper and silver soldered… Finished with a chocolate brown cord. Hey guys! ….These would be perfect for that woman in your life who has all those great ideas!

Tiny gold-wire necklace/earring

Red Calcite Pendant on Gold Chain

Heart Pendant, Calcite

Copper “Candy” earrings … made from pennies, then wrapped with flattened copper.

Clear Calcite Pendant, silver chain.

Penny Pendant

Hammered Metal Pendant, small.

Small translucent Pendant.

Rock Pendant, copper chain

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