This isn’t a promo for these mats …. I downloaded the information from their site, so the instructions are always readily available!

Package contains:

2 Yoshi Grill & Bake mats, (copper), 15 ¾” x 13”

Non-stick mats for Grilling or Baking … Great for all foods. Clean grill surfaces – even when using a public grill.
Reusable and easy to clean. Leaves perfect grill marks on your cooked food.
Uses a safe non-stick solution (does not contain PFOA).
Works with gas, charcoal or electric grills.

For Grilling & For Baking

• Heat up grill. Place Yoshi mat on grilling surface
• Line bottom of baking pan or cooking sheet with the Yoshi mat.

• Place food directly on mat.
• Yoshi mat may be cut to fit any size pan or grill. Rinse after cutting.
• Closely monitor food during cooking.

NOTE: If grease builds up on mat:

1. Turn off grill.
2. Remove grease.
3. Restart grill and continue cooking.

NOTE: Not for use over direct flame.

• Thoroughly clean grill before use. Remove any caked-on grease.
• Never leave grill unattended while cooking.

• Do not use metal or sharp utensils on the mat.
• Do not use if parts of grill are rusted through or missing.
• With charcoal or wood fired grill, wait until flame has reduced to glowing coals before placing the mat on the grill surface.
• Do not use over direct flame.
• Use mats at low – medium heat settings, 500° F/260° C Max. mat on the grill surface.
• Use grill thermometer to check temperature.


• Wash prior to first use.
• Allow mat to cool completely after cooking.
• Wipe food residue off with a damp cloth.
• Always clean mat between uses – top rack dishwasher safe or clean with soap and warm water.
• Dry mat thoroughly before storing.
• Easily stores flat or loosely rolled.


• Always wash hands and preparation surfaces before handling food.
• Rinse and/or scrub raw foods and vegetables before cooking.
• Maintain separate surfaces for preparation of meat, poultry and vegetables.
• Always store foods at the appropriate temperature.

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