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Keith Wilson (DurhamWilly!)

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    Beach Glass JewelleryPendants

    Beach Glass Pendant, Brown

    This is actual beach glass, collected from the Atlantic Ocean, in New Brunswick. Comes with a matching chain and clasp. Each one is unique, and no two will be the same!

  • Earrings

    Celtic Cross Earrings, Silver

    These are completely handmade, including the earring wires, which are nickel-free. Although the photo may look a bit of a ‘coppery colour’,  rest assured that they are a nice, bright silver colour!

  • Earrings

    Christmas Tree Earrings

    Copper material, Silver colour. No nickel …… The stars are Hematite rock, which give different hues of colour, depending on the light that hits them.

  • Pendants

    Computer Geek Pendant

    Pendant is made from a piece of circuit board which is framed by hammered copper, and then put on a faux-leather chain. It is immersed in a thick acrylic coating for protection.

  • Rings

    Copper Ring

    Handcrafted Copper Ring. Just tell me your ring size, and I will create one similar to the one in the picture (no two rings will be exactly alike, as each is handmade!)

  • Rings

    Copper Ring, Simple But Elegant

    A very simple but very elegant Solid Copper ring!

  • Earrings

    Copper-Brass Earrings

    Less than 15mm tall, these Copper/Brass earrings are very dainty!

  • Rings

    Gold and Siver Woven Ring

    This ring is made using a gold coloured and a silver coloured wire. The base of the ring is wrapped in a darker tone of wire.  No two of these will be identical, as it’s handmade!

  • Pendants

    Penny Pendant with Four Leaf Clover

    This pendant is made from Canadian copper pennies. On the inside of the pendant is a four leaf clover. Both pennies hang on the chain independent of one another.

  • Pendants

    Steampunk Penny Pendant

    I’ve classified this Canadian Penny Pendant as a piece of “Steampunk” jewelry. The penny is dome shaped, wrapped with copper and silver soldered in place. I then applied a patina to give it it’s rich, antique look.

    Steampunk …. “Various modern utilitarian objects that have been modified by enthusiasts into a pseudo-Victorian mechanical style …. examples include computer keyboards …